Every idea needs careful planning.

BM-ideaThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced numerous new concepts and policy changes in an attempt to improve the quality of education in the last few years. The management has constantly been working to improve the quality and the method of imparting education. Some wonderful ideas have been introduced as a result, for example the introduction of a system called the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), schemes likes the Mid-day meals, the ladli yojna, distribution of funds for purchasing uniforms and stationary, et cetra.
Any scheme or concept is successful only if every detail is carefully evaluated and the whole idea has been planned well in advance. Before launching a new idea, every glitch in the system has to be rectified. Now the real question is – Has CBSE been successful in the careful planning of every new idea that it has brought to the table? Has enough attention been paid to every detail and was every new concept planned well in advance?
The management had recently decided to introduce the concept of ‘e-checking’. The examination papers of classes X and XII for the academic year 2012-2013 were checked electronically. This came as a surprise to all the teachers who regularly check the board examination papers as it was announced just days before the process had to begin. The teachers were trained for approximately an hour just a day before they were asked to begin checking the papers. The end result of this sudden emergence of a completely new system was that the teachers who normally took six hours every day for a period of seven days to check all the examination papers had to spend about two hours extra every day. By the end of the week, the number of days had to be extended since piles and piles of papers remained unchecked. Agitated and disappointed with the increase in the working hours, a majority of the teachers who were not very familiar with computers complained about inadequate training and insufficient planning in advance.
Another new system that has been recently introduced is called the ASL (Assessment of Speaking and Listening) for classes IX and XI. This involves listening to an audio and answering questions based on that. This was introduced in an attempt to improve the listening and speaking skills in English. In public, private and certain government schools where the level of English of the students is good, the system will pose no problem at all. It in fact will help the students to improve their skills. However, in most government-aided and government schools where the level of English of the students is not up to the mark, the teachers are having a hard time marking the students. The teachers were trained for a period of one day recently.
And finally, there is the introduction of the popular system of CCE. This system was announced in an attempt to reduce the academic burden off children. This system was born in 2009 and was implemented without training the teachers in advance. The training in fact began after the system was already implanted in all CBSE schools. This ever evolving system is highly demanding however, just like in the last two ideas, the management has failed to train the people who have to run it sufficiently.
The effort put in by the management to bring new schemes and ideas into light continuously is worth applauding however, it is true that these schemes and ideas need to be carefully evaluated before their implementation.


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