The CCE system : A savior or a befallen curse?

In the quest for making education as simple and as comfortable as possible, the system of Continuous Comprehension Evaluation (CCE) was introduced in 2009. The HRD minister, Mister Kapil Sibbal introduced it in an attempt to take the burden off children, but the real question at the moment is –‘Is it a savior or a curse befallen?’
The system of CCE comes with an endless line of projects and models, evaluation based on reactions and emotions, the long pile of homework and a lot more than what existed earlier. Does it really leave the child with enough time for himself/herself? Has the pattern been developed keeping in mind every child or has just been designed to help the weaker students while not allowing the brighter students to exercise their full potential?cce-logo
After speaking to many government school teachers and asking their views on the system, they revealed that the system has been devised with a good intention however the government schools are not well equipped to follow it yet. There are not enough facilities for example, there is dearth of computers and IT teachers in quite a few government schools and moreover the teachers have not been trained adequately to follow through the system. According to one of the teachers, the PSA (Problem solving assessment) is a wonderful test assessment that has been introduced for classes IX and XI, however she feels that the teachers still need a lot of training as there is still a long way to go before the new system is deemed as perfect.
Now I am going to bring into light what the students, for whom this system was devised in the first place, have to say. The students do feel more overburdened than before. “There is just too much to focus on – the formatives, the summatives, projects, homework, extra-curricular activities. The work load has increased by ten-fold. It leaves little time to sit down and have a quiet evening. The change introduced has been sudden. There is still a long way to go”, says one of the students. However, there are many who disagree and zealously favor the system. They talk about the way it has been helpful for them since now they don’t have to rely on just one set of examinations at the end of the year, instead it is a comprehensive system taking into account everything they have done round the year.
It really depends on how you view it and where you come from. Where some feel that they were better off before the system, others feel that it is a wonderful thing that has been introduced. However, the common point where everyone meets is that it still needs to be transformed and worked upon.