..Because it is not just a journey through the stars

A vast majority of Indian students advance through their years in the high school with a pretty dream in their minds – an expensive dream of studying abroad. As pretty and enchanting as that dream seems like, it cannot be argued that it in fact is a lavish dream.
Reshma, a young and bright student, with the dream of being a criminologist worked diligently throughout school. From internships that would help her to initiatives against crime to studying psychology – she left no stone unturned. She knew that this was a field that was not developed well in India yet and she would have to go outside to pursue the vision she had seen for herself.
This brilliant student got a chance to live her dream – she flew to England to study psychology and display her genius to the world. But within two months a terrifying realization dawned upon her – her spoon-feeding days were over. She was no longer the youngest child in the family who could get her work done by pulling a charming smile to her aid. Now she was a young lady who had to be as independent as her peers who managed their own bank work, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning and also studying. The dream soon started to seem like a punishment and the lack of emotional support around her aggravated the situation. This was Reshma’s story.
Going to study outside is not expensive only in terms of the monetary investment involved, but in terms of leaving behind the strong emotional support that the friends and family provide here in India.artworks-000020038106-54bhkq-crop

The change that accompanies this lavish journey through the stars to go abroad is drastic – from caring only about studying, you have to run a full-fledged house and also study with that. Flying away from home requires a kind of mental maturity that may shatter this perfect vision for many. The beautiful dream can turn into a nightmare in no time if this important life decision is not thought through clearly.
For Reshma, it soon turned out to be not just an attractive journey through the stars. It was much more than that. Going away before she was ready to face life’s challenges presented a multitude of obstacles in her way. Finally realizing that it was difficult to live on her own, she was unable to perform to her full potential. The brilliance of this young star started to flicker and dim. After two months, she flew back to her home and decided to drop an academic year and apply to colleges in her hometown. But the tough and determined girl that she is, she has not given up on her dream – she still wants to go for her masters because she realizes that she will be prepared the next time she goes out.