what is education?why we need education in our life?

Education is a lifelong task. In what extent do you agree or disagree?

Human life is progressing every day with observation and learning. Some people feel that education is for a certain period of life, but others oppose. However, I would argue that education is a lifelong process because of some reasons, which I would try to explore in my essay.

Education is not limited to bookish knowledge, attending exams or acquiring degrees. We can learn so many things through our own experiences, observing others, following media reports and so forth. As experience is the best teacher, we are learning lots more thing from our own deeds. Though we are making mistakes, crossing the borders, these all are much beneficial for us to discover more things that are new. The wisdom, which we gained like this way will be with us probably in all our lifetime. This will show as the right way and enable us to be wise in our activities. For instance, the bad experience during a journey, allow us to learn the problems, which leads to that issue. We will be more wise next time by correcting that mistakes and it will remain in our mind whenever we are planning an another trip.

Moreover, the skill of others also contribute in increasing our awareness about something. This enlightens our minds to avoid making the same mistake in our life. For instance, the critical medical condition of a lung cancer person, who was a chronic chain smoker, vigilant you from indulging in smoking. Media stories and detailed reports make us informative in all fields. They are providing genuine details of whatever we need. For example, through media we can learn about the features of a newly introduced gadgets or even the catalogue to know completely about it even before we buy a new one.

Apparently, our career also is adapting new technologies. Revolutionary changes are taken place in every walks of life. Though people in their third decades of life or even before stop the academic learning, they are still learning new ways of life, either in their family life or in their career. People feel the true learning when they learn and do something new. Big firms are allocating huge money on training sections for their employees.

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