After School Programs

Following the motto of ‘each of teach one’ quite a few schools have introduced after school programs for less privileged children. Students from a school spend a few hours after their classes to teach children who live in the vicinity of their school. These children are given free lessons to supplement education they are getting elsewhere or none at all. It is a new way for these children to learn from students not much older than them which makes them more comfortable and confident in investing their time in this process.image

This system works for a lot of reasons, one of them being the pace at which they are taught. These programs focus on learning rather than time bound completion of syllabus. The children study at their own pace without being rushed and are able to fare much better than they do in formal classrooms. They are free to ask questions and have a particular topic explained to them numerous times if they are unable to understand it. The children study in a stress free environment which helps them progress better.

Another reason for the success of such programs is the educators. Children are taught by other students who understand their psyche and are hence, easier to relate to. They have much more patience with each other for they go through similar study related pressures and accept slow grasping power of some students more graciously than most teachers teaching in a strict time frame.

Such programs aren’t all about studying from textbooks. Children also enjoy other activities like singing, dancing and playing educational games. It is an excellent method for the student educators and their students to become familiar with one another and cement their bond. It invokes trust and confidence between all participants and encourages team work. This helps in the holistic development of all the children.

More schools should take such initiatives and encourage their students to impart the knowledge they gain in school to others who are less privileged. This helps not just those who become their learners but also teaches the students lessons in patience and humility. After school programs like these are an important step in making education available to people in all walks of life and bring the less privileged closer to a better life.

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