“Education beyond the classroom”

Education itself involves more than stupidity or a lack thereof. But should we define ourselves by the institutions we come from or future places we want to learn?

Contrary to a common intuition about the concept of education, academics is just one of its defining features, though certainly an important one. School facilitates the acquisition of academic knowledge and technical skills necessary for success and future careers of students, as well as the development of critical thinking skills. But as students, we are left with a choice either to take advantage of the academic opportunities we are given or to waste them. In general, people who choose to be lazy in the classroom may also be in real life; however, there is a fine line between obsession with school and not learning outside of the classroom.

It is no secret that higher education in academia leads to better jobs, but it is also important to recognize that education is not solely academics. People have different abilities and strengths. I would argue that knowledge is available and waiting, both inside and outside of the classroom. In essence, education actually consists of a lifetime of change, growth, mistakes, and moving forward. We learn by asking our burning questions, seeking out their answers, and listening to the advice and challenges our professors and friends set before us. The importance of education lies not only in the acquisition of academic knowledge, but also knowledge of humanity as a whole. Diving headfirst into opportunities for growth and change provide ways for us, as students and as individuals, to identify with people who are different than us. Differences and diversity make the world (literally) better, and it even looks better.

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