“continuing education is a good new year’s resolution no matter how old you are”

“Anyone who stops learning is old,whether at 20 or 80. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

I believe this says it all. Learning is to be involved with the world that our generation and those in the future will see amazing progress in any topic you wish to name – Shopping, employment and recreation just to name a few.

Learning is communication and that probably is something that we have not learned very well.

2014 could be a turning point where we listen to each other with more respect – particularly in politics.

The 20 year old brings new energy and optimism.

The 80 year old  has a wealth of experience and knowledge, if we would only listen and blend their knowledge into today’s planning for tomorrow.

A four-year graduation certificate for someone in their 20s does not mean a job. It means you continue to learn how to navigate all the steps to obtaining employment and beat the competition.

So to all you graduates stay young and keep on learning. That is the only road to success .

To those who are aging pick a topic and get involved to learn and stay young.

Remember, old age is in the mind anyway so change your thinking and stay young.

I say to all “Happy New Year” and to add extra meaning, I say: “Keep on learning.”

This will make you truly happy in 2014.


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