Role of Teacher in a Child’s Education

“They inspire you, they entertain you, and you end up learning a ton even when you don’t know it”
― Nicholas Sparks, Dear John

If we talk about education, we have to talk about teachers as well. For education is incomplete if there is an absence of a guide. Parents are the first teachers that a child gets and a teacher becomes a second parent to the child. Children spend a significant amount of time in school, which means that their interaction with their teachers will be as much as with their parents, if not more. According to Washington Times, India requires 800 “instructional hours” at the elementary level, which is a significant number of hours per day. Elementary education can be seen as the foundation based on which a child further develops. With the number of hours that a child spends at school, it is important that the teacher should be capable of imparting the appropriate education and values in her.3877003094_3a3becd7211

Indian system of education has come a long way from being an elite system to a system of mass education. In 1950, there were 200,000 primary schools which have increased to more than 600,000 today. And that is excluding upper primary and secondary schools, together which would cross a million. With the increase in the complexity of school management, the role of a teacher gets more challenging. With educational sector becoming a fully fledged industry rather than the simple profession that it used to be, teachers’ traditional role which was restricted to just teaching has now expanded to other aspects. Along with just teaching, teachers are having an important role to play in the managerial functions in elementary education like other sectors. It is the responsibility of the teacher to manage the class effectively as it is linked to the learning achievement of the student.

When we talk about teachers, it is not necessary that we are referring to the confines of the school or college. Life itself is a great teacher. When we learn something new from a person, that person becomes our teacher. One doesn’t have to be academically and exceptionally qualified to be able to teach us something. Every person we encounter, who manages to touch our lives always has something to teach us. Many of us are inspired by someone we know, or maybe we don’t even know them personally, but their actions have a huge impact on us. Everything that we learn shapes us a human and we owe it to no one but our teachers.


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