We are fortunate

Back when in school I was, I never knew how fortunate I was to be attending one of the best schools of New Delhi. I completed my twelfth and enrolled in a good government college, still oblivious to the opportunity that  I had got, an opportunity to study, to learn, to appreciate the beauty of academics and experience an all new world that it has to offer. And then came a difference. Living in hostel got me acquainted with a lot of bitter realities in life, the veracities a common man, who is living in penury, his fights & struggles. I feel fortunate when I look at children below my age working as conductors of tempos, I feel fortunate when I look at children of laborers playing in sand and gravel at construction sites, I feel grateful when I look at the children with their parents working as house-maids, I can never know the pain of not being able to study, although my father has narrated his stories.

I have always loved studying, reading, I feel world would become monotonous without any such activity. However, when I see young children with books in their hands, I feel motivated observing their nascent enthusiasm, their curiosity, the look of surprise and amazement on their faces, all of this makes me happier.fortunate-600x400

When in newspapers I read about the brutalization of girls who are poor and their exploitation at the hands of goons, my heart sinks deep  and wails. I have a vision, and the vision is that if every girl is educated she cannot fall an easy prey at the hands of men of depravity. She will be able to survive and spend an independent livelihood in the world which has fallen in its morality.

When I was leaving my school after completing 12th, my principal sir called me and told me, “Yeshoda, you have to fund education of a child” ; at that moment I did not understand the depth of his words, but today  I do. We all must know that we are fortunate that without any hassles education has come our way and is continuing without any impediments. Most of us do not realize the gift we have. Lets be grateful and do our bit to make the world educated so that no one is exploited.

Its time we study, learn and make world a better place because we were here. And make the lives of those beautiful who are not as fortunate as us, and make a difference in their lives, even the slightest would count.

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