Cultivation of Soul

Culture, heritage and knowledge are the three things that have been handed down from one generation to the next. Man began as a hunter, and then learnt agriculture which gave rise to settlement. The beginning of settlement was the beginning of intricate histories, numerous civilizations, wars that drastically changed everything and complex memories that are now compressed into school textbooks. Human settlement was the beginning for humans to work together as a unit which later formed the base for cultures to be born and heritages to emerge. As humans began to learn, it was crucial that whatever they learnt so painstakingly should be preserved. And the way to preserve knowledge was to spread it and pass it to the next generation. This is the base of education.soul_body

One may still ask, “But why is education so important?” Education is important because it paves way for development. Not for our own sake, but for the overall welfare of the people with whom we forge social relations. It brings change. Education is what differentiates us from animals. Humans are social animals, they perform various activities; especially economic activities, which Karl Marx called “language of real life”. In order to maintain this “language of real life”, the knowledge accumulated by the older generation is passed down to the prevailing generation. This passing of knowledge helps in preserving it but at the same time it allows for retrospection for its further improvement. The more people are educated, the more our accumulated knowledge would be enriched. The more people learn about and understand their past, the more they can contribute to the society.

Society is undergoing constant change, it may be minor, but the change is taking place for sure. The current requirement of this ever-evolving society is to include more of its members to make it a better place to live. Education is the means to make people aware of their own world. A heightened sense of awareness would trigger a chain of positive events and this, in turn would cater to the more universal need of harmony between humans. Every person wants a life having at least the basic comforts, if nothing luxurious. And it is education through which this dream of a comfortable life comes alive. People learn to stand up for what they believe in when they are educated. They are empowered. They are able to rise. And when an individual takes on this world with the education that she has received, she knows that she has a nurtured and cultivated soul in her.

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