Transgender and Education

Discrimination of transgender is no longer news. Transgender or eunuchs or the societal-gender-nonconforming are downright rejected and bullied by majority in the society. Education teaches us not to discriminate, but, do majority of us follow this lesson when it comes to the third sex or the transgender?transparent_transgender_symbol

Bullying and violence in schools constitute a safety crisis, impacting the health and educational achievements of transgender and gender nonconforming youth. Each and every parent who has a significantly gender nonconforming or transgender student will have to work closely with their child’s school to ensure the child’s physical and emotional safety. At present, it is not common practice for educators to receive any training about gender diversity. One will need to be proactive. One cannot assume that schools with general anti-bullying policies will be responsive to the needs of their child if they are being treated poorly due to their gender expression or identity.

Why do we still do not have such schools and educators that can teach the transgender students along with the other students with equal care and respect?

It is well documented that a safe environment optimizes a child’s ability to learn. A child cannot effectively learn when they live in fear of discrimination. All children, including gender diverse and transgender children deserve a safe school environment free from bullying, teasing and violence, and it is the school’s legal responsibility to maintain that environment.

Bullying can take the form of one or more students directly teasing, taunting, or threatening another. Bullying comes in other, more indirect forms as well. A student may experience intentional social isolation perpetrated by their peers, and sometimes even reinforced by teachers and/or administration. Bullying is a serious problem for any student. Most schools recognize this fact, and many are adopting programs and policies to create environments that do not allow or tolerate bullying. But, are there schools that take appropriate steps to stop bullying of the transgender students?

Some schools may not specifically name gender expression or gender identity as reasons for bullying, but it does not mean that they will not respond proactively. Further education about gender diversity is often needed for teachers and school administrators to respond most effectively.

Along with a child’s general safety and well-being, there are several specific areas that require attention. These include how a child will be referred to (name and pronouns), how privacy will be ensured, and the restrooms and, if necessary, changing rooms that will be used and expectations for participation in extra-curricular activities such as sports or clubs. Many of these topics are not properly dealt with by educational institutes.

Are only educational institutions the one to blame for transgender discrimination?

Let’s give a perusal over Stephanie Mott’s story to try to answer this question:…/transgendereducation-teaching-the-teachers.

Education can retain its purity only and only when NO discriminations are made while providing this divinity called: knowledge.

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