Imparting Education Through Practical Ways

Gone are the days when students were used to be taught through books only. Now is the time to step up, now is the time to explore new, now is the time to look out of box, and now is the time to crave for best…
At this point of time of age, everything cant be explained through bookish language or theatrical ways. Its the need of hour to organise workshops, seminars, field trips, interviews, presentations and getting hands on first hand information. A person cannot learn efficiently until and unless he/she is exposed to it. Being vulnerable to adverse situations teaches one to be independent and look for solutions of problems. Nowadays when everyone is racing for the gold, then we need to be a part of this.
Books provide ample information which explain topics in detail. sometimes it could be monotonous for the ones who are more interested in visuals and point to point notes than the explained ones. Hand puppets, Class activities, Brain storming discussions, Movies, Show and tell, Exchange of dialogues, Extemporary, Theatre work are few ways through which children could be engaged properly. At every stage it is necessary to indulge in practical education as it combines knowledge and fun. By  doing so children understand better and are eager to learn more. It casts a long lasting and strong impact. Sometimes doing the job on your own helps add another aspect to your personality and grooms it well. It reveals other features as well.  Be the best judge of your life.
Either you choose to lay back and mourn about old methodologies or be in the game and explore a new side of  your zone.
Be Tactical and Practical…       imagesvv


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