The Gap in Urban and Rural Education

India has come a long way since the pre-independence era in terms of education for children. With the Right to Education it further strengthened its resolve to ensure that children which constitute of 60% of its population are well educated and turn out to become valuable human resources on whom the baton of country’s development can be handed over.

However, there is a huge gap between the education imparted in metropolitan cities and villages. It seems like two different jade_1_edited-2regions in terms of education existing in the same sub-continent. There is lots to be done in the way education is imparted to children belonging to villages. And to accomplish that we must come to terms to the problems experienced in such obscure places. Usually the proclivity of government in terms of education is towards better-than-villages cities which causes much unknown ignominy to the residents of such areas and they can never dream of looking beyond a job. We say that there is education that is being imparted in villages, but the standard is not up to the mark. In most areas attending school is like a farce with limited facilities and fledgling teachers. And that’s also true, why would any teacher leave a good paying job and come to a village with limited amenities to teach. But just imagine, what would  happen if these children are made knowledgeable with the same effort with which the children in urban areas are.

More importantly for a girl child it is imperative for her to be educated because its considered transgressive if she wants to study. But, they do not understand that education is the most powerful tool at the hand of any woman because she can stand for herself in times of adversity and its her prerogative, after all, as a human. Thus, its clear the effort with which education is imparted in the “two regions” is not in congruence with each other. Can’t leave equally valuable child population to wither in the ramshackles called as schools. They also have a right to have a global outlook, so that they dare to dream, to aspire and become intellectuals and not just literates for the sake of job. The aim of education must to be make one a VISIONARY.

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