Education -A Win For Humanity

The nation rages with the onslaught of reports of violence against women. These crimes have been attributed to everything from chowmein to revealing clothes but some analysts have made suggestions that one of the reasons for these heinous acts may be the alienation of the perpetrators from society. I, for one agree with this theory which seems far more sensible than the rest.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people who are still stuck in a web of patriarchy believe in blaming the woman and her lifestyle choices and make no attempts to extricate themselves from this rut. Most of these individuals are literate and educated which highlights the fact that education isn’t just about alphabets and numbers. A holistic education not only teaches a person skills and gives them knowledge but also an understanding of the society we live in. It inculcates a value system which is imperative to lead a healthy and thriving life in the social constructs of today.

The word education invokes an image of children in a classroom learning to read and write but it is so much more. Each one of us has something to teach the other. Sound education is when an individual can form their own opinion but is also open to looking at things from a different perspective. It is this acceptance of a different opinion that is required for progress instead of the stagnant pools of thought that rot as the years pass by.

Education is the most important tool to inculcate a sense of equality and to make everyone understand that every individual has the right to lead a life of dignity without being excluded or segregated from the society. It sensitizes individuals towards the victimization of social minorities. An aware mind is a powerful weapon against the injustices that exist in the society today and education is an absolute necessity for that.

Not rote learning but rational thinking, logic and awareness of the happenstance of today’s world will enable us to become a better society as a whole. Thus, it becomes the responsibility of each one to teach one so that we as a society may progress.


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