Brain Drain

Born and Brought up in India
Working and Earning in USA…
wow!! That’s what we give back to our country. A pool of talented young aspirants flying abroad each year in search of jobs, and ignoring the needs of your own country. This is how you call yourself as an Indian ? Time to think again.
Inspite of being a child of such a land whose legends have given up their lives for the sake of independency and freedom, we are again presenting ourselves willingly as slaves to them.260510_CHUA_BRAINDRAIN
This is the burning issue which our country is facing and somewhere somehow we all are responsible for this. Why the idea of settling abroad seems so enchanted and vibrant to us? Why there is one member in each family who dreams of flying out every day and night? Why we are so eager to apply for foreign universities and jobs? Why cant we simply make our homeland a better place to live. No individual can be blamed for this, we all are guilty. What if our leaders such as Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Mahatama Gandhi would have settled abroad after completing their education, would Indians have ever came across Agni and Prithvi missilies or would we ever be blessed with a dynamic political thinker and a man whose words are ideals for others. If two persons can bring about such a massive change, then think how far we can take our country if we all combine and deliver our best. All we need to do is push ourselves beyond boundaries, more efforts and extra time.
Lets join hands and let the blood of patriotism flow in each one of us.
Lets use our brains for India and stretch it up to pinnacle.
Lets aim to GAIN
Instead of letting it DRAIN…

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