Carving Life Through Education

Education is like a wheel of cart , no mater how well we lead our life but still without education we wont be able to stand firm in life. It makes a man complete , it defines the difference between attitude and personality, it highlights the difference between reaction and response, it says the difference between ignorant and well-versed.
There is no limit for learning, there is no age for learning, there is no compulsion for learning but there is a will for learning, there is a spark in learning , there is a treasure in learning. Education and life run parallel to each other. The more educated we are, the more healthy we live our life. Once I was being told that “you don’t have to be great to start instead you have to start to be great”.61RankingsFrontCover_Page_01
Start with what you have and where you are. Don’t look for a reason, don’t look for a field just jump in because in the end you will emerge out with a pool of knowledge. Education adds meaning in life and fills substance of worth. It impairs a person with tools to handle life. It gives one ability to dream and turn them into a beautiful reality. For a nation to move ahead, each one of us need to be educated. Education doesn’t begins at schools only, it begins at the moment when one wish to know the depth of existence and relativity. Schools are the stepping stones which moulds a clueless tiny toddler into a rational adult.
There have been great thinkers and philosophers on this earth, there are more to come yet. It all depends either we choose to wait for them or be one of a kind. Every human being is gifted with brain, its on us how well we utilise it. Everyone has a individuality and uniqueness of its being. All we need to do is to gear up, not to give up.
Be a learned person and write  morals of your own..
Be educated and write history of your own…

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