Knowledge comes at a price, if only it wasn’t ONLY monetary!

Education and money these days are two sides of the same coin. No more do we get to see the ‘gurukul’ days of ancient times when knowledge came at the price of student’s sincerity, dedication, devotion, and the student repaying his/ her tutor through service and with whatever material aspects they could offer, without any demand from the tutor. But, current times are different. These are the days when education has become extremely expensive. It’s become such an expensive process that everyone is forced to face this terrible and heinous devil to gain ‘quality’ education.

Local governments struggle with school budgets, homeowners struggle to pay property taxes, and parents struggle to pay tuition costs. But, with the entire struggle one undergoes, just how does money relate to ‘quality’ education?knowledge3

First of all, what is the connection between money and the quality of education? Apologists for the public school system make frequent claims about the connection between funding levels and the quality of education. When attempting to explain the perennial failures of the system, the standard response has almost uniformly been to claim that funding levels were inadequate to achieve quality results. Are we then to believe that it’s only with money that we can obtain knowledge? Do we then circle to the point where one who pays a lot of money is the one who has gained ‘quality education’? Are we to agree to the claims of the apologists that its only money that can improve the standard and the quality of education? Has our education system shrunk to THIS?

According to me, education is the most pious and prestigious of all forms which do not require money to enhance its quality. It requires quality teachers to enhance the quality of education. Educational system today suffers at the materialistic hands of institutes that make delivering knowledge as a medium through which they can mint money.

Yes, to gain knowledge one has to pay a price, but what price do we fix for it is what we need to pay attention to? The flux of private money in higher education, the unnecessary shooting up of costs of admission fees in colleges and universities, etc. are few of the many concerns that we need to look after and rectify.

Can money BUY education? Can’t we do anything about it? Will terms like knowledge and wisdom be on sale? – Such questions are what I leave for everyone to ponder over.


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