Family: The First Institution to Education

“This is the best school you’ve studied at. I’m sure this fact itself will take you places.” such words aren’t new to anyone around, but, is it the only institution to education that takes one to places? Answer to this is a clear NO. Family is in reality the first institution under which one becomes knowledgeable.
Education too, isn’t spared certain myths. One who is well read, one who can write a beautiful hand, one who can speak different PE02106_languages with fluency are one’s who are considered to be well taught and well educated. Reading, writing, speaking, and abilities like these should not be the only pillars on which depends our education. It’s what one becomes as a human being with the help of education is what matters the most.
The family is widely considered as the first institution, the elementary cell of social life. It’s here that one begins his/her learning’s: mutuality, civility, manners, discipline, etc. if the family does not lay the leading psychic foundation, schools become overloaded and less able to do their job, and they in turn overload the institutions of work and public safety. A family that is effectively held together for purposes of education and social service fulfill the mediating role that is outright necessary.
A child that is nurtured in a family that lays a peaceful, encouraging, loving and caring atmosphere for the child is one who is able to “go places” like they all say. It’s this institution that teaches one about: how to take the first and many such steps towards success. Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another and family is the medium through which happens this deliverance of knowledge.
The family is a major social unit and it has to be oriented and enabled enough to take forth its role as the first institution to education. As a backup to schools, there is no substitute for the family. It is irreplaceable when it comes to first basic education. Family plays a very essential role in the most important mission called the ‘educational mission’.
The importance of education is first taught by family. It’s the family that teaches its children the values associated with education. Family is the roof that builds the roof of knowledge for a child which is further developed by schools and colleges.
What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to the human soul- and family happens to be the mediator between education and the development of the human soul.

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