Book preference: textbook or e-book

Gone are the days of slates, chalk pens, its d ‘e-book’ age. It’s the age where children are more comfortable with ‘e-learning’ than age-old ‘textbook’ learning process. No more do children restrict their knowledge source to paper-bagged-jacketed-non-jacketed-books. The forum of ‘e-learning’ is huge and fast growing, so much so as to make children more comfortable with e-learning than fall back to textbooks as their medium of gaining knowledge. With e-books becoming so easily available with just a mouse click that students have started discarding the idea of long queues for textbooks in libraries. Yes, today the book preference is more of the e-book than of the textbook.
With the change in age the method of learning process is constantly changing. But is it completely fine to lose the grace of age-old 7703376790_d5de65c63ctextbook learning technique? Are e-books able enough to act as an alibi in the place of textbooks?
Time and again e-books have proved to be a reliable source of knowledge, one which is able enough to uphold the stature of textbooks. Though there is nothing wrong in following the olden ways of flipping pages of the textbook than clicking away pages with the mouse, but there is nothing wrong in using the e-books either.
Certain textbooks that go out-of-print and are no longer available in book stores and are under the ‘reserved’ or ‘non-issue’ sections of libraries, make it a little difficult for students to use them. Such books become more time consuming than others, because they require students to wait in long queues in the libraries to be able to read them. This increases the labor of students by about 50% more. It’s during such times that e-books become a great help by reducing the ‘unnecessary’ labor of students. But, there is a slight problem to this option as well, because not ALL textbooks are converted to e-books. So, even in this e-book age, textbooks have not totally lost its importance.
It’s just a matter of preference and NOT a matter of the importance inculcated within each one of them. It’s just a CHANGED face of education and this change is a good change which is highly reliable, dependable and useful. ‘e-book’ is the NEW revolution in Education.


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