This Children’s Day gift Children with Right of Education

What can be a better gift to a child today, than that of a bright future that they can have if the unleash the power of proper education?Image

The 14th of November holds special significance for it is celebrated as the children’s day . This day is the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly remembered as ‘chacha Nehru’ by children, whom he was extremely fond of . Children rejoice on this day as they are thanked, loved and treated for being the gen next. They are the generation who would have in their hands the responsibility of shaping the nation. Undeniably, and in simple words, Children are the future of any nation. Delving deeper into the celebrations and not looking merely into the superficial aspect of the day, This day is celebrated to make sure that every child realises his value and is encouraged further more to be a successful individual working for a progressive society. Just like a hand needs to be trained in order to gain expertise in a skill, and that even inborn traits fade away lest given the proper training, Similarly, We cannot expect children to automatically bloom into resourceful individuals without imparting them with proper education. By proper education, the emphasis is laid on the need of an education system that holds no place for discrimination on any grounds, be in economic, social, cultural etc. An education system well equipped with human resources that are capable of administering and imparting quality education to everyone on nominal rates. As we honor children on this special occasion, we should convince ourselves to not get away with a chocolate or a present or two . If you show the horse the way to the water stream than bringing him a bucket of water, He shall never be thirsty. Similarly, if Children are provided with education at this age, They can surely be the stepping stones into a utopian future.


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