Education at a Click

As people tend to become more modern, education system too has witnessed dramatic changes. The tremendous advance in technology has changed our life in many aspects. Various courses such as distance learning courses, online courses and non formal education system see its upsurge over the world now. One major among these aspects is online education also referred to as electronic learning. However, there is an immense difference between distant education and online education. Online education is an off-shoot of distance education that was came to be known and practiced years ago. The earliest form of distance education was conducted through letters but now with technological advancements in the field of communication, online education has gained steady momentum or impetus; idea is to obtain education or training without the need for student to be physically present.

Online education is growing leaps and bounds. The very advantages of such education have persuaded huge number of students to enroll in online programs so as to learn and pursue their education. Also,one interesting advantage is that the online availability of courses unburden you from carrying books . It opens up new horizons for ambitious students who want to achieve higher goals in education but their financial condition or some other reason abstain them from obtaining this goal; therefore, Online education helps especially those who cannot afford to attend regular classes.

There are convenient factors of online education that have attracted a lot of students. One of these advantages is flexibility that enables students to take their lessons whenever and wherever they want. There is a huge choice offered to the students, every student has the freedom to study in any university he wishes. Each university is reachable by online education. As all of the lessons are recorded, students can repeat the lessons as many times as they wish if in case they are not able to understand something. If a students has any query or they need further explanations, they can email their teachers or talk to them via chatting room.  Online education saves time and effort for both students and universities. Universities too only need to film the lectures and put them online for their students rather than investing huge amount on the infrastructure and other amenities.

Although online education has gained in popularity among the students due to the advantages that it has, there are few disadvantages too; one biggest being lack of interaction. Despite features like email, instant messages and live chatting rooms with professors or lecturers, it can never be as good as face to face interactions. Its credibility is often questioned after graduation. Some employers and teachers consider online education certificates less credible than classroom education. Though these disadvantages must be overshadowed by the advantages that it offers. Education is essentially something which depends on the knowledge we gain irrespective of the source we gain it from.


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