Sex education a way, to keep STD’s away

Sex remains to be considered a taboo in our Indian society. Considering it a violation of social morality, Parents abstains themselves from discussing it with their children directly and feel embarrassed to talk regarding the same. They fail to understand the horrendous consequences of not giving adequate sex education to a sexually developing child; as a result the build-up curiosities in children compel them to resort to television sitcoms, vulgar videos, in extreme cases pornography. It stimulates sexual desires in them which seek reflection in the mistakes they commit resulting in cases of AIDS, unwanted pregnancy, syphilis and many other sexually transmitted diseases.Sex-Ed

It is important for a child to understand sex as healthy and positive. Sex education, if given in schools and colleges, more objectively, makes a child aware and extra careful about precautions that need to be catered when indulging in any sexual activity with their partners and avoid disastrous mistakes. Liberal thought process for a developing child becomes integral. Sex education helps them to deal with their sexual identities and have no fear and guilt of exploring it.
Children are most sensitive, delicate and most vulnerable to abuse. According to a survey seventy percent of children are abused by their relatives. There have been cases of girl child abuse by male and in some cases females as well; cases of pedophilia are also known. It is because of the lack of proper sex education that children out of fear keep it within themselves and fall victim to such abuses. Sex education makes them aware as to how to resist and report such abuses on relevant forum where they can be open about it, fearless.
Restrict children from doing something and they will make sure to do it out of anxiety. Same is the logic for sex education, restrict a child from indulging into sexual activity or make it appear an unhealthy act, child is sure to indulge in it the unhealthy way. Instead, provide children with proper sex education so that they can take judicious decisions being well aware of consequences.
Little knowledge, as it is said, is worse than no knowledge. Hence it is important for school, colleges or parents to provide children with proper education before they become sexually active so that they are aware about the precautions necessary and hence can distant themselves from any form of std’s or pregnancy.


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