Competitive World

You will be competing throughout your life in one form or another. You give exams, go for job interviews, perform in jobs to get promoted. Well competition is there everywhere and you compete against yourself in life. Competition is nothing but just a part and parcel of life to learn new skills.

Competition help students to strive for better. It creates a feeling of excitement. Moreover it leads to success. Competition is something which is just unavoidable. It is the key to success in this rapidly developing world. It is a motivational factor for a person to excel in any field and thus it says about the need of competition in one’s life. Students always strive for better marks in competition which in many cases help them figure out real style of studies.



Competition help students know where they stand in a crowd and their weak points so that they can rectify for future. It helps in identifying core competency which can be further nourished. A healthy competition is necessary for everyone for their improvement, not only in the educational field but in all other fields. Their is always a desire to achieve more and more within every individual- be it businessman, student, doctor or any other. Well, this desire is nothing but competition. As you achieve things in life your bench marking changes and your desire to achieve more changes. One of the best things about competition is that within a competitive surrounding and environment, your craze to learn and succeed increases and you see sudden improvement in yourself.

Well, now after seeing the good side of the coin lets see some of its cons. Competition is undoubtedly good but it should never be overdone. If done so, it leads to conflict, and conflict leads to disunity. It is required a thinking and sense of team work is also developed as co-operation is always required to achieve the desired goal. Ideally there should be equality in education but due to tough competition students are becoming selfish but not friendly.

Education is something which should be passed to all in a positive way but many of people are making it a business and the reason behind this is competition. There are cases where we have seen students committing suicides due to competition. Someone scoring 80% gets to hear from his family members about a child getting 95%. This discouragement and comparison takes a toll over the mind of student at times and they commit suicide.

One thing we must consider is that children are not only in school to learn content, but also to gain social norms. If we push competition significantly in them it will only lead to problems in future. Do we really want to live in such a world? Well, we need to think for the answer our self because whatever world we are putting them in now will be the world we would be in later.


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