Education- Then and Now

A beautiful evening with your good old grandma and cousins and you all sit together talking about the past and the present over the tea. What shocks you meanwhile are the things she tells you, differentiating the condition of Education now and that of the past. It seems like the difference between day and night, one following the other but totally opposite. Isn’t it? What could be the difference between both? Well, there seem to be many such reasons to justify the difference.

Previously the culture of society was different, which has not only evolved over the years but have also imparted a sense of attitude in the individuals. Yesterday the rules and regulations were meant to be followed and people actually used to abide by them in respect. Whereas today, the same rules are considered to be boring, ridiculous protocols which are actually broken by every individual stating “Rules seem to capture us in a cage”

The most drastic change seen in any aspect of education is discipline. Previously the students followed discipline thinking them to be the set of rules which actually governs their mind, body and soul whereas today as times have evolved, discipline has changed in reverse gear. It is disappointing to see people considering discipline to be a burden for them.

The present era is devoted to technological advancements. So how can it be possible that the techno-freakism does not touch Education? The methodology has changed quite a lot over the years. The blackboards, chalks and dusters are replaced with Screens and projectors. When the books turned to e-books, we too don’t know. The boring and tiring homework disappeared behind the creative projects and assignments. The tools changed and so did the approach. A teacher-student relationship is supported with the friendly atmosphere created in and out of the class.

You may get to hear from some people that even the marking system has been changed. It is not just about cramming and writing all what the brain is able to record in it and at the end you think you will get full marks to show off to the whole batch. The student’s psychology is seen in what they write and judged on the basis of all aspects of wisdom. The standardized, computer based, computer adaptive techniques of marking are used now-a-days.

 Aspirations are different now. People don’t go for education just to get good marks and a good job. They want the overall personality development. They are ambitious to know everything with perfection. To them, what they can gain out of education is as immense as the sky. Students are not happy getting just a first division, they want excellence. This is all because of their career consciousness. It is not the old era when you had specific career options based on your family background, financial strength and gender. You choose to work what you love to do, what you are passionate about.

Over all the years many things changed. Many changes were good and maybe some were bad. But the only thing which can never change is the Importance of Education because education is something that can change you from the way your life was to the way your life will be.


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