Women Education- the Need in Rural Area

Eyes on the desktop over an important presentation, signing an important document, a formal look from tip to toe, directing the secretary over call for the work in a completely air conditioned cabin in the office of an huge Business Empire- a breathtakingly awaited scene protruding the modern working woman. It seems great to dream that for all, but the sad part comes when the reality strikes.

We may try to look for the empowered woman in future but the reality check stops us to reach the rural area after the advancements expected in the urban area. Truth is bitter but has to be gulped down. Women in India are not yet strong enough and they surely won’t be so in near future without the enhancement of Education for all. It is pitiful to note that in a country like ours’ education isn’t a necessity but a luxury for girls. The thought that education is a privilege for girls could make anyone feel sick who wishes to see The Developed India rather than The Developing India.

Women Education is the need of the moment the need in rural area. We dream big of the great future ahead but what if the roots aren’t strong to hold and nurture the tree. Even if leave the thought of all the women turning to working women it still doesn’t change our need for education. A mother is the first and best teacher of a child. If she is not educated how well the child can do? She can nurture the brain and talent of her child better than any mentor in the world.

Education is something which helps everywhere and is never wastage of time efforts or money. It will always pay you back. When education reaches rural area’s women it leads to eradication of the evils present in the society. Child marriage, female infanticide, poor health and sanitation, superstitions, crime, unemployment, domestic violence and the like are all results of lack of proper education to women. When they are educated they know that child marriage is wrong and they can stop others or at least themselves. It empowers them to fight against female infanticide. They are aware of their health and sanitation leading to a healthy world. The superstitions and crimes could be reduced to a great extent. The best part is that educating the girl makes her independent to lead a life with the head held high, she can be the support to her family, and she can protest against dowry, she is less prone to domestic violence or threats to left alone.

The Government comes up with various program, schemes and policies for the improvement of education for girls. What is needed is cooperation of the people. If the support the cause and send the girls for studies to school and for higher education, a huge difference can be easily created. As it is said-

“Our daughters: prepared for school today, prepared for society tomorrow!”

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