Pursuit of Education

Hard work, intelligence, passion, concentration and many more such words, they aren’t just words when it comes to Education. They are a kind of basic need. They are the pre-requisite content for an admirable future based on a proper educational background. It is all about the Pursuit of Education, indirectly a Pursuit of Happiness.

There are so many examples of people who made a difference in the life by excelling in education. And it all depended on their pursuit of education. We can’t expect any good thing to be done for us in the present day world without doing anything good ourselves. As they say-

“God helps those who help themselves.”

It is true. It is a fact. And education is something where it applies the most. You get good education and everything else that is good in the world follows you.

We can find stories of people who saved money for their studies, went on a rebellion for better higher education, earned to get more resources for education and the like. They weren’t some fools who were running madly behind something. They were the epitome of wisdom who chose the hard work and the rough path of life for something they knew that would yield them a good future.

People live away from home at hostels or boarding for gaining more in studies. They too love their family, like the luxuries, miss the homely food. But that doesn’t divert them from the path they follow. Nothing which has a value is so easily available. A hostelite has to do all the chores, which might never have been the case at home. But that must be taken as an experience, a matter of pride to have seen it all.

Students give away extra time and efforts for studies. And each time they do so, it pays back in an even better form. They shouldn’t be tagged as geeks, nerds or bookworms. They are just devoted to their cause which is a rare case to be seen in all.

Even we find students who put a lot of hard work to manage studies as well as extracurricular activities to excel in the exams as well as to make an interesting and impressive resume to be presented for a job interview. This could be managed by time management and smart work.

The Pursuit of Education includes a lot of hard work and sacrifices. These sacrifices could be painful and the hard work can be tiring and boring. But at the end when it brings up the expected or better than expected result, everything is healed and it just beautifies the personality of the being. As Aristotle said-

“The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead.”


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