Extra Curricular Activities- Opportunity or Burden

Bunking the lectures, roaming around the city, window shopping at stores, chatting over Watsapp, and group of friends at college terrace- now anyone reading about all this stuff would think- How hopeless this generation is? In which direction the youth is moving? I will suggest that they must read it all again. You would question- “Why? The situation is clear.” Well it isn’t if thought in another way.

This is the situation of students now-a-days who actively participate in the co-curricular activities. They bunk the lecture but for practice of program, they roam around the city to get the things done, they do window shopping to get the things at least cost, their chatting revolves around the information for function and competitions. You will find them at the college’s terrace but for brainstorming for the best ideas. This is the youth who excel in their studies but aren’t bookworms. They are present and mind you, actively present in every field in which they can work. They are ambitious and that is something which calls for the polishing of their talent.

But it is a matter of debate that is the interest in extracurricular activity just opening the door of opportunities for the students or it even acts as a burden at times on their shoulders. If we think peacefully we will find that though all this leads to perfection and grooming of the youngsters, to certain extent they might be losing an important part of life while running in this race- LIFE. It is not that those who are active in every field can’t be happy, but there is a possibility that this work may turn to work load which will keep the experience aspect intact but take away the fun quotient from life.

They say- “Do what gives you happiness and you will be never get tired of your work.” It is true. But as The law of Marginal Utility states-

“Consumption of more numbers of a commodity diminishes its utility at a certain point, after every unit consumed.”

So is the case here also. It means there always comes a time when the satisfaction or happiness from any activity starts reducing, if it is more than it should be done. And that is something which shouldn’t happen because it will force the person to close the doors for all the opportunities in the frustration of workload.

Though all this can’t make us reach the conclusion of not participating. But surely it means that take that much work only which is in your limit. Trying to grab everything leaves you with nothing. We can say in simple words- “Do the least but do the best.”


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