Private Education becoming a Business- Really?

People are persuaded to pay sometimes hefty private school fees because they believe the teaching will be superior. Parents are paying for more than a good education understood in academic terms when they shell out for private school fees. But it is suspect that many take it for granted that their money will also be buying superior teaching.

Parents opt to send their children to private school for a variety of reasons: some feel that the public school options in their area are not a good fit for their child, or they want may their child to have more individualized attention.

But attending a private school doesn’t guarantee admission to top-ranked schools. Families should not enroll in private school with some kind of assumption that the school will magically get their child into school X, Y or Z and then at the end of the day if they’re not happy, to look back and say we wasted our time and money because my child didn’t get into a selective college.

Parents need to budget for elementary, secondary and post-secondary education expenses when their children are very young as private education is something for which you need to shed a lot of money.

Education has emerged as a very profitable business sector. It is good when you see the brighter side of it that better education and facilities are provided by private institutions. But it becomes very heart breaking to know that people are opening shops in the name of educational institutions and playing with the future of innocent lives.

Degree mills are institutions that sell and offer non accredited qualifications. This is worrying, as the availability of fake degrees is increasing, which means there is a high demand for it. The certificate is real and the authenticity of it can be verified but the institution does not exist. Meanwhile, India’s University Grants Commission issued a warning last year, saying there are many fake qualifications circulating in the country.

The publisher of a daily newspaper reported, in September 2011 that the country’s capital, Delhi, had become the capital of fake business degrees and was said to be host to the largest number of illegal educational institutions in the country.

Education is something which is and which has to be treated with a very pure approach of the welfare of all. When the fact strikes that it is turning into a business for profit motive, it becomes difficult to find something trustworthy and welfare oriented. We cannot stop it but can surely avoid it and that is the only way to bring back the beauty of education.


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