Creative Innovation of English language teaching in India

Aristotle says “Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Thus, if we want to see the country’s prosperity, it’s time to wake up and join our hands for the betterment of this educational system.

Educationists have agreed that the most widespread need for English arises from the existence of large body of advanced educational material both text books for university level studies and published research work which can be made available in English. While teaching English one should emphasize both expression and comprehension. The main aim is to prepare the student with such general reading as narrative description, argumentative, artistic, and scientific, as is necessary in his day to day life.

The average Indian student of today needs English for certain purposes; to be able to follow a lecture given in English, that is to say that he needs English primarily for functional use. All this leads to the need of developing new methods of teaching in English. Mr. Narayanswami has expressed his ideas in the following words- “In a developing country like India, which is yet to achieve a technological breakthrough, the printed page is the only means of communication. To us reading is a prime necessity. To neglect reading is to neglect education, and we neglect both at our own peril.”

There is nothing educative in spoon feeding information to the students based on text books, which are “refrigerated versions” of the teacher’s notes made a decade back when he was possibly himself a student in training. Creative innovation can be fostered in teaching English language by giving assignments, exercises, group discussions, projects and similar other ways. Over head projectors and modern technological communication that stimulate students to leap the barriers from learning to thinking- creativity can bloom if we put more responsibility on the student himself.

The practical side of learning system is to be emphasized. Motivating students to improve with the help of English movies, songs, novels or even comics has a better effect. Competitions and activities like more of English debates, elocution, drama, essays and the like are best ways to inculcate the perfectionism in the language.

It has been truly said that “responsibility is learned from being given responsibility” just as in the great rough situation which we throw upon you, you yourself can choose the path.

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