Is government school a place for ADDA only?

Sight of some faded and worn out uniforms without any trace of uniformity, pathetic screams and noises at playground, silent walls of rooms build up in supposition of building up of a great future and the unpleasant MIDDAY MEAL.

Well if nothing else could attract your senses to find what it is all about, at least the last word is sufficient to say it all. This is what a Government school in India is like. Better we should say a mere ADDA because there is nothing as such which could prove even a gist of its actual identity.

The statistics speak of increase in number of Government schools in India; increase in number of students at all those establishments and all other data. But how much importance it has if we also know that the population of our country is growing at an even faster pace? And when we come across the findings that there is basically a huge difference between the number of children registered as a student at these schools and those of who actually attend and finally those who gain from these so-called temples of education?

Anyone who reaches a Government school to see the situation may understand it all very easily, what this whole piece of writing wishes to convey. The description up there will certainly turn into a reality. Hardly 50% of the students in the books of these ADDAS reach there and who really do, even they don’t make any sense doing so. Students come in the greed or we can say in the need of the midday meals and there too they gain nothing when served the unhygienic, barely nutritious and a simply edible diet.

 Classes turn into something which seems as if someone has just built up storerooms in a row. In the digitally equipped era where education has reached standards touching the zenith, still there are kids roaming in the corridors with slate and chalk. The uniforms lose their identity with the passage of time and a time arrives when the clothes are same but they don’t seem to be so because of imprints of everyone’s own fashion senses and needed alterations.

But what is the worst part? It is the lack of proper faculty. We can’t make all the teachers there stand together and then accuse them all. But for sure, it is all quite because of their ignorance. It is sad when you find that teachers in Government school usually don’t go there and even if they do, they don’t teach. Students have been found at times doing chores for their teachers for marks. The level of teaching is nothing in comparison to the private institutes.

After all this, why shouldn’t one just call it an ADDA? Maybe as it is not a solution. And just talking about such problems and giving such tags won’t do a lot to the society. The situations need to change, initiatives are needed to be taken, and motivation for education has to be given. But then we feel that what can we do in this matter or why should I do anything if others don’t.  Why don’t we get it that initiatives are by individuals? Someone has to step down and make a move. What that move should be like that depends upon the individual. But as Nelson Mandela once said

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Then we should surely get every child equipped with it.

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