Education- a need of the moment

Humans are animals. And here we aren’t just talking about them being a social animal. The word social is losing its identity day by day with news of incidents and crimes happening in and around the world. And pardon me if I’m wrong but yes, they are turning to mere animals and this is because they are carrying this instinct to do anything which they feel like doing without having control over their senses to judge what is good and what is bad.

Today, in India, the most frequently heard term is “Gang rape”. It is the need of the moment to stop them, as we all carry our instincts. So ignoring the lawman, the system, the Government, could education possibly have saved Nirbhaya? In both the Delhi and Mumbai gang rape case, an educated young woman was assaulted by a group of uneducated men. That is something which when strikes the mind of a thinker gives rise to an apparent argument on “why education is raped”. If those men were educated and if some wise man would have taught them real ethics and virtues the crime could be stalled.

We don’t say that certain books on Moral Science, Value Education or any other similar subject can change the whole world by the teachings in it. But the fact can never be denied that education leads to the overall development of the students leading them to be wise enough to know the difference between being an animal and being a social animal. The environment at an educational institution itself is sufficient enough to make anyone understand things, learn the moral values applicable in life and act properly.

They say that even educated people commit crimes. But this argument is not strong enough to deny the need of education. Exceptions are everywhere, but it’s our duty that we give importance to education. If we go through the data of the crimes, we will find that somewhere or the other place, being uneducated was a common thing with the criminals.

Education has been a part of humanity since Mahabharata, even from times before that. Had Krishna not been teaching Arjuna, the scenario would have been completely different. And mind you, education doesn’t contain solving a quadratic equation but it gives us the ethics and sensibility to lead the world or at least our self. It promotes a variety of positive sides of people which they may not know.

As Krishna says- “Even a very small amount of this dharma saves one from great danger, for there is no loss in such an endeavor, and it knows no diminution.” If we too make education and knowledge our Dharma, we will never lose anything but will just gain by saving ourselves from any danger. And this time the danger is on the humanity, so we need to focus on our Dharma to our level best.

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