Invincible !

The intermediate phase of education is one packed with feelings of confusion, Insecurity for the larger lot .
While some beg to differ as always , and Have a clear set of goals for their life and the motivation and ability to meet it , Most of us, Even with an aim set high, tend to get entagled in a web of confusion and options owing to our disbelief in our very abilities.

Scores are one aspect of student life. A high score on boards cannot guarantee you a life void of difficulties and struggles just as being a mediocre in school life does not foretell a tale of faliure in every aspect of life.

It is a self proclaimed truth, success comes not of success itself, But by relentless efforts and a spirit of never say die.

There have been innumerable times in the life of a student when he or she thought himself to be unfit to cross the finish line, he himself has set , Leave alone being the first one to do so .

As A student, the mind should be like an empty slate when it comes to belief and disbelief .
You are invincible . Neither hardwork nor intelligence can substitute each other .
But certainly, If one becomes the weakness, The other can certainly be the greater strength .
Together it makes you, Invincible .

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