Why India Continues To Face Brain Drain..

Results are out . Competitions get tougher .
Children strive to get into the sought after colleges and secure seats in courses of a favourite subjects.

But times are changing and so are the trends.
The best university, has introduced and reformed its undergrad studies into four year courses .
One trend that seems to be growing in the nation is brain drain to the west.
All rounders, Highly meritorious children, Students who could have aced entrances take a step forward to going abroad to pursue further education.
Countriel like USA, UK, Canada etc seem to be the new dream destinations of Students from all over India .

Reasons are many.
Some want transdisciplinary learning where they can match their unique interests with an academic major .
While some cannot find the right program, or see little or no scope of the respective field in the country they come from.
More importantly, india is a country where entry to the best colleges, be it IIT or medical colleges, is decided on the basis of how you perform in a three hour test .
The inclusion of board marks as a deciding factor in IITs may be making a difference but it is inevitable, A child who may have had performed extremely well through out , might have taken ill during the exams .

Holistic admissions, the key feature of universities abroad allow children to tell their story .
It allows close guardians and teachers help the selecting authority understand why the child deserves a place in a great institution.

Their are reservation for those who excel in sports , In india.
But what about those ? The ones who write ? The ones in dramatics ? The singers, artists , performers ?
They rightly deserve a place in a good institution.

India has a long way to go .
To keep the best minds in India, reforms are a must. Education should be liberating, not binding .
Education should aim not at making one excel in just a single field, but help him be , on a whole, a well informed and responsible person, one who understands his duty towards his own country.

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