Predictability breeds Vulnerability

If you’re predictable, you’re vulnerable.

Your moves are guessed and reactions are foreseen. An uneducated man is likely to make decisions void of rationalty and intelligent perception.
He’s easily fooled and conventionally duped by the so called wise men whose moves are adminstered by skilled,trained and educated minds.

We often question why is it that the common man, the one from the lowest strata, the uneducated, the helpless person, is the one to be exploited by the various stakeholders.

And Clearer is the answer, Because these people are deprived of the education that they were entitled to receive. As a consequence, They arent fully aware of the rights that they hold and the facilities that they can avail.

The exploiters are non other than people like us. Who wouldnt exploit subjects who appear as nothing more than a liability.

Big talks and Words have been overused and spoken well about at conferences and syposiums, but To educate a fellow being is certainly a big responsibility, which not many are willing to undertake .

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