The Present Scene

The results of the class 12th boards have just been announced, and hence begins the race of the students, the parents, guardians and councellors to grab a seat in one of the best colleges of India .
The competition rises, and so is the bar raised to levels where a 90% holder is left with shattered dreams and cut offs reach sky high .
Seats are filled in gaps of .5% and only a few have their luck factor supporting them through admissions.

The Jee and the medical exam of course has the brains of the country focused to crack the tough exams . Even getting a seat in a medical college is a big issue indeed , it being a big name or an unknown one hardly makes a difference .
The craze for IITS seems to be one thing that shall never fade away. Math geniuses aim to crack the advanced and secure positions.
However since ranking shall now also be affected by the marks that a student achieves in boards , the students have mixed reactions.
Those who managed to score well in boards are happy, those who had a hard luck this time, wish they had appeared for the exam a year earlier.

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