Youth of India

Youth and country are synonymous to each other.
A country is dependant on its youth for its ideas, actions and plans for a brighter future and it is the youth who build the future.

It would take you by surprise that by 2020 , India shall be the youngest country of The world, with an average age of JUST 29 years.

Hence , engaging youth in nation building activities on a mammoth scale is as important as it is to make sure that the present population is well fed and productive.

The youth is powerful, with the young blood racing through their veins, they are capable of undertaking tasks that their elders couldnt. They fear nothing . They want progress.
By engaging them in nation building activities , not do they gain skill at an early age and hone their leadership qualities, but the country also progresses. The country oozes out fresh ideas , enthusiasm and vibrancy at places which are otherwise occupied by mundane thoughts and conventional ideas.

But with all these ideas crystal clear , it is of prime importance to know that a young generation is useless if they havent been trained and skilled properly.

Its not the need of the hour anymore. Its the cry ,
That education is a must .

It is vital if we hope to see a change in our country in the coming years.

Because to be the change , you have to be armed with the vital tools of knowledge , skill and the power of wholesome enlightment.


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