What would the world be ?

Its almost impossible to imagine a world without education .
Education is the sole and the best medium for the exchange and passing on of ideas and imformation that are otherwise dependant on verbal transfer. Even speaking and delivering ideas is a skill that one masters through education.
If you can only think, Had Newton been uneducated, he wouldnt have been able to materialize any of his findings, put them down into words for generations to come, or maybe, being uneducated would leave him crippled enough mentally to not perceive general phenomena with a scientific temperament.

We can imagine a world where letters and words would be mere blotches of ink on pieces of paper, a world where people strive hard to attain information in the dearth of medium like newspaper .

We can very well imagine, yes . In contradiction to the earliest statement I made. But would this world , uneducated and backward, be worth imagining ?
Not really .

We live on the brighter and Enlightened side of the human race. We can read and hence I deliver my thoughts through my words.
But the ones devoid of This power lay in bitter dispair and agonizing darkness, waiting for a Messiah all their lives, to come and lead them.

This messiah, can not be anyone else but the spirit of enlightement , through education.


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