Each One Teach One

A Cliché like “Each one Teach One” hides within itself the unpretentious and the finest method to an educated society.
The meaning is simple.
If each educated Indian shoulders the charge of teaching one child, be it his servant’s kid, the collective outcome could be inordinate.

When we consider the fact that India shall be the youngest country by 2020, That is, it shall be the home to the youngest average aged population, we can very well imagine that if we wish this to be an advantage for the country, the kids of today need to be qualified, and educated.

Volunteer Teaching does not look for any specialised degree.
It doesn’t look for professionals who are skilled at the field of imparting knowledge. What is expected out of a man is the goodwill, the determination to take up a task as Noble as this and the perseverance to make sure he achieves his goals.

Adding a personal touch to this, based on real life experiences, Teaching can be very rewarding. Not do you just gain an insight to the minds of children and the satisfaction of making a small change, you learn about responsibility and the temporary change of vocations provides a fresh breeze in the mundane life of a normal man.

Sharing your knowledge doesn’t mean losing it, instead , as the saying goes, to teach, is to learn twice !


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