Laws: To No Effect

The mere drafting of laws is as futile an attempt, as it is to plant seeds and not watering them in the days to come .
To see to its execution is the mammoth task at hand , both difficult and crucial.
We cannot expect words scribbled down in constitution to make a change in the world alone .

We’ve had to deal with this in our every day life and in every possible sphere imaginable. There are puposeful and pragmatic rules, that , if put into action as per the abstract vision, would very well simplify our lives .
However barely a few of us follow these rules, and so many are unaware of its very existence.

Resolution of this lies in the hands of the three stakeholders of A State.
The citizens, the government and the executors.

Its the responsibility of every citizen to have the general awareness of his society and its regulations , and its his prime duty to abide by all of them and make sure that so is done by others as well.

With the governing body lies the power and responsibility to raise appropriate issues and delve deeper into matter in search of intangible solutions by implementing justifiable and beneficial laws.

Thr executors are not an exclusive class of professionals. The executors include every member of the state, irrespective of what post he holds .
The executors are those who by following any rule result in the proper and successful execution of any action implemented by the government .

Unless every citizen of a State acknowledges the fact that he, and only he can be the change in the system that is required to achieve the utopian society, A state’s future rests on loose sand.

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