Disaster Management In Education :

Man Is powerful.

Only He out of the billion other beings could rule over all and establish his supremacy in the living world. All the others are mere objects of interest which he has now vowed to protect for his own long term interest, that is, for sustainable development.

However one thing that he could never control was nature, because she was the untamed lioness who walked around in majestic strut, unmindful of what followed and what was left behind.
Nature is a giver. A well established and appreciated truth of life, its nature that has given us everything and anything.
But she has the power to rob us of all the jewels that embellish the crown that humans wear in ignorant pride.

Natural atrocities are the worst feared calamities .

Introducing disaster management as a part of the curriculum of education is certainly a wise decision which proves to be fruitful every now and then.
This ensures that we do not only produce literate beings , but citizens who are well aware of what they should do when the danger strikes.

This is yet another great thing that increses the benefits of education manifold. The cost of organising workshops, airing advertisments and so many other things can be reduced to the minimal cost of educating every child . Both serve the same purpose , the child is well equipped with the knowledge he shall be needing in times of impending disaster and the strength to deal with the aftermath. He can not just ensure safety for himself, but is capable of saving so many more lives which thrive on the hope of a superhero. To note here, is that the superhero serves his pupose more efficiently and effectively if he is educated well.


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