If Ignorance is bliss, Why Educate?

In various state of affairs in a person’s life, the proverb ‘Ignorance is bliss’ may seem wise enough to heed.

It is certainly true that closing your eyes will not avert the forthcoming atrocity, but it certainly screens us from the terror that follows and the anxiety that precursors any misfortune in life.

Just like an ostrich, that would bury its face in lose sand and feel that since he no more can witness a terror, it is no longer existent; We humans tend to put a temporary halt to our thoughts as a remedy to the frustration of an unsure outcome or the desperation of the impending disasters.

Pulling the same notion in the battlefield of the wise and ignorant, this transforms from a way of life a debatable topic.

When we see criminals, illiterates, uneducated people make their way to some of the deemed institutions of the society of governance, We’re left unsure of what we really need.
Is it an education, a degree, that still cannot confirm us a job and a great lifestyle ? Or is it what these illiterate politicians have ? Just the right connections?

There is a simple meaningful answer to this.
Had Education not been the most Important thing,
These politicians would never educate their own children.

The bottom line is, Education requires nominal monetary investment. But Investing today in Education will eradicate the need to adopt ignorance as a path to bliss.
Education Promises not just an individual, but the whole society a long term bliss that stands on the pillars of rationality, Awareness and Independence.


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