The Way Out..

Talk of the commercials that HRD and ministries of government air on television about how farmers aspire to send their children to pursue higher education to attain degrees. 

But In stark contrast to this, when you travel to the interiors of the denser and murky lands that harvest gold and silver, 

You come across a strange picture. 

A picture that Is tainted by prophecy of the wise men and a mindset that has been passed down since so long, that it has become an intrinsic part of a person’s thoughts.

The soul motive that a farmer breeds within his heart is to have a son who comes of age and lightens the burdens of acres of farmland that he shouldered in his lifetime.


A conversation with an Old man, with wrinkles running on his face from everywhere to everywhere, and eyes shrunken over the years of being the spectator of deaths and atrocities, revealed the constant fear of a father’s heart.

“My son,” He says “Left village to complete his bachelors. He never returned.”

He wipes a tear and then continues, 

“People say he married a girl from another caste. He will never come back. We don’t want him back either.”


Higher education, To them, is a gateway which leads able tillers of the land to a deceiving trap of money, power and lust. 

History holds testimony to the fact that many, who left villages, decided to never come back and join the profession passed down the lineage. They settled and found consorts, and ultimately lead a different life all together. 


However, The quintessence of education is not to attain empowerment and escape to better living conditions. The essence lies in using the information gained into improving the present situation .

Once a person realizes this, He shall understand that a real career is not about going to silicon valley and taking up a conventional job, but in creating a silicon valley out of every barren land.


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