The curious case of Kerala

The state of education in India is wretched in the present but there is this one place that is totally unswayed   and distinct from any other part in the whole of India. A place called Kerala.

Kerala is a state in the south of India. It bears some figures in education that are if copied by even some other states, the situation will become much better. According to Census 2011, The Literacy rate of Kerala is 93.9% . The total Male literacy rate in Kerala is 96% whereas that of females is 92% which is actually quite bizarre owing to the fact that in India , only a small percentage of females are sent to schools and colleges. There has been an upward trend in the literacy rate of kerala . so the question remains as of what Kerala is doing that other parts of India aren’t able to apply?

If we study the history and cultures of Kerala , we may get the answer to this question. It all started in the 19TH century when The Queen of Trivandrum issued a decree in 1817 that said, “The state should defray the entire cost of the education of its people in order that there might be no backwardness in the spread of enlightenment.” When the Britishers exacted India, they largely settled in Kerala opening several Christian missionaries and churches who worked for education of the people and  non-discrimination with empowerment of women. A noble figure in the 19th century was Kuriakose Elias Chavara who started a system called “A school along with every church” to make education available for both poor and rich. This system still continues in several parts of the state. He particularly emphasized on Girl education .Kerala’s high literacy rate is attributed to high girl literacy rate as it is said, “When a women is educated, she will make sure that her children are well-educated.”

Another related reason can be communism. Which directly implies that education is enforced along with equality. Kerala has a reputation of being, communally one of the most tolerant states in India with Christianity and Hinduism as major religions.

Though the antique history of kerala has abundantly helped in promoting of education, it is the people there who are carrying this tradition forward for ages. Prosperity in other parts of the country won’t remain sulked in if such measures are applied there as they were in the past of kerala


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