Education is the Universe’s Operating System!

The reason why You are able to read this post is because you have access to technology, computer and a network ! Think about those million underprivileged students who never get an opportunity to exploit such beautiful advances made in technology because of their inability to afford these expensive gadgets.

Well, Here is how We, At B N Satnalika Foundation have pledged to make a difference !
B N Satnalika, with your help and support has initiated the project to introduce computer literacy in rural school which do not have the required resources to impart Computer education to its students .

You can Make a Great difference!

Think about it. What does a hundred rupee mean to you? Just a snack, a Movie, A DVD. And think about what hundred rupee would mean to them! The chances of a better, brighter future. The chances of gaining knowledge that would help them be a better and a more resourceful individual !  A hundred rupees is all you need to contribute to the improvement of so many innocent lives!
Act Now! Donate today!
The more you give, The more you get !
(There is no limit to the amount you wish to donate . )

Follow this link to know more, and to Donate !


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