Low Self Esteem : Education and proper guidance can help you discover a new self


You clear your throat, channelize your thoughts, plan what you will deliver and are about to raise your hand. But then, you turn and see the class. The others, the ones you consider as elite orators and fluent speakers are already prepared with answers, and you feel that their answers, by every mean, shall be better than yours.
You lower your hands and are forced back into the cocoon, which in this approach, shall never truly break.

Self esteem is, more than a trait, a feeling of inferiority that a person nurtures in his mind, that suppresses your true abilities. Even if the person is capable of making a mark through his skills, a belief that he can never be at par with others drives him back to a shell behind which he feels secure and saved from humiliation and ridicule. Self esteem may be baseless, barely a though that a person nurtured, or it may be linked to emotional or psychological experiences that left a child doubting his abilities.

Low self esteem has definitely taking a toll on so many in life. Most people cultivate this self esteem through the years of elementary education. Bullying and reprimand due to the inability of guardians to understand your position further aggravates the state of affairs. Children of a tender age are left with the thought of a bleak and abysmal future.


Who is to be blamed, is a tough question.


Do we blame destiny, for it made the child meet with an unpleasant situation, or peers , who themselves aren’t wise enough to understand the impact they have on their friends. Or the guardians, who should have been more compassionate with the child?
Or shouldn’t we stop blaming the roots and prevent the apical dominance of low esteem by letting the child discover his potential by helping him branch out and flower?

What conventionally is the work of a counsellor or a psychologist , is something that should be inculcated in the education system. A more value based education should be adopted where it is made of prime importance to let every child know they are special.
There should be certain time allotted for teachers and students’ interaction, peers interaction and guardians’ interaction to help understand the problem of developing low self esteem. Workshops on occasions can boost the student’s morale as they may feel that there are people who empathize with them and can help them overcome low esteem.

Low self esteem might seem to be a inconsequential predicament. But on the contrary, if not kept in check, this may lead to depression, loneliness, social rejection and ultimate death , suicide.

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