Age, No Bar.

‘You’re Never Too Old To Learn’
Ironically, we limit this statement to only those people who wish to pursue further educations at an age where the normal acceptable priority is to settle and work.

The reason why people educate children is because that is the time the brains are extremely receptive, and children are the ones who are quicker in learning than their adults.
But that doesn’t make age a bar.

To those who were not fortunate enough to receive education, Adult Education is the answer to all their questions.

Adult education refers to teaching and imparting education to adults.  It is one of the most underestimated means of spreading education, owing to the mindset a normal Indian cultivates, The “what would people say” mindset.

Very often, libraries play an important role in adult education. It provides a convenient font for adults to have access to all the information and knowledge they may require.
Nevertheless there exists a ruthless practice of bullying in adult education, that many a times stops enthusiastic seekers of adult education from going about their plans. The lack of formally educated teachers also abstain the proper implementation of adult education.
There aren’t many official and exclusive schools for adult education;
it is something yet to come up.

 People exist with the mindset that since they have passed the age, It isn’t necessary.
The truth here, on the contrary is, that they require equal and in fact more of awareness, so that they can make sure that as an adult, they have full claim to rights and nobody deceives them by taking advantage of their poor educatory store.

Being uneducated and an adult leaves you vulnerable to cheat, fraud, denial of rights, denial of opportunities, dependence and so on . Only education can be held as a shield against the vulnerable bodies to act as a guard against all the fraudulence and denials that exist in the world.

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