Education is what molds an inchoate mass of grey matter into a mind capable of planning, executing, and deciding, deciphering, processing and handling information with appropriate responses.

An educated mass is a resource to a country, state or even the global economy. They contribute their knowledge, skill and labour and along with earning themselves a good lifestyle, they help economy progress as a whole. An educated mass with good decision making powers leads to a stable and selective system of governance where posts are held by the well deserved.

In a country like India, where the competition is fierce and opportunities are limited, an uneducated person would not even stand a chance in the race of survival.

Whenever a child goes uneducated, he is denied of a basic right that none of us have the power to take away from him. We deny him the prospect to lead a better life .
He is trapped in the exploitative cycle of trafficking, beggary, child labour and crimes.

If we want a country we can be proud of, the children of today should all have access to quality education. The children of today would be the leaders of tomorrow.

Being the youth of today, Its in our protocol to make sure that India’s future rests in secure and skilled hands which are trained to make the right moves.

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