Advancing Technology: A Knowledgeable Approach

‘Technology might be a great assistant, but it is a ruthless master.’

Distances of thousand miles are now traversed by a simple connection of networks through phones. You don’t need to fly across continents to see a person anymore, if you possess a skype account.
Delays are out of question. Urgent messages reach people faster than what it would take for realization to set in.
The World has truly grown small .

Technology isn’t an ingredient of our lives anymore, Its the platform on which we plan and execute initiatives. It is what we depend on indiscriminately for making our lives better.
The sole objective of the current scenario in technology is to minimize and maximize:
Minimize the expenditure, cost and size as they maximize the efficiency and feasibility.
Overwhelmed by the way technology has manifested every imaginable sphere of our life, making everything concise and simple, We have often condoned the risks associated with it.

Computers and internet, that have opened the paths to a virtual world of learning, exchange, socializing and business brings with themselves moral ethics and duties that are barely followed.

Enough has been said, but not has much been done in the field of Internet safety.
Because no matter how computer savvy we might consider ourselves to be, Our knowledge is insufficient and confined to not giving away personal details or credit card pins over phishing website.

Many a times, hollow fears drag us to not indulge in E-shopping E banking. We hold the idea that revealing these sensitive details makes us vulnerable to fraudulent practice. Owing to this partial awareness, we are unable to make most of the conveniences that have been made available to us.

If only we were familiar with the concepts of digital certificates and digital signal, would we be able to make wise rational decisions.
To ensure that technology that you use to simplify your life rebound with more complication, One needs to be aware and knowledgeable about what to be cautious of.
Phishing mails claiming rewards on exchange of confidential information, Websites which look authentic but have different URL should be avoided as soon as one comes across them.

People should confirm that websites that they use for E-shopping and banking should be certificated of authenticity.
A must for every PC is an antivirus, to protect the computer against the mal wares and ad ware that may infect and spread over internet connections.

Just an access to technology is never enough, thoroughly knowing what you are exposed to Is the only way you can assure safety and expediency.

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