Will They Let It Be?

The current situation of the society reminds me of the accustomed sight of the Indian streets-

The freshly whitewashed walls, stained with local creativity with the blend of shades of tobacco spits and the love declarations of roadside Romeos.

With righteous intentions and accurate planning, you might still not be able to put up a great show.

The chances of your help actually reaching to the ones it was meant for, is minuscule.

Take into considerations what’s happening around us.

Take for example, any of the ‘poor’ states. Does the money from the centre reach the poorest of the poor, the ones who deserve it for real?

We see leaders quoting things like these prior to election.

We don’t see them after the elections.

Ironic, isn’t it?

The underprivileged ones should get what has been initiated in their name in the very first place.

Isn’t this exactly what happens with politics as well?

Talking of Indian politics, we hear of all the significant legal advances made to let people know

what is actually happening in the system, which by convention is rusted with corruption.

The undertaken measures and the changes introduced may be a little too hyped about,

but they are, of course, a humble step towards change, a positive tomorrow.

The problem starts here. Under pressure or with an actual motive to reform the system,

the legislation does introduce changes and offers rights and benefits, targeted schemes and programmes.

But the access is restricted. In cases, denied as well.

Half of the world wouldn’t care, let’s talk about the other half.

The other Half of the world decides to help.

Most of them actually do something charitable.

Not many of them do something significantly helpful.

And barely a few are able to really reach out to the ones in need and trigger change.

And I repeat, the chances of you being in those few are really infinitesimal.

That poses a rhetorical question here.

To be or not be, is no more the question here.

The real million dollar question is-

“Will they let it be?”‘


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