A Day That Brought With Itself A Difference

Today, I met one of the few hundred children who roam on the jam packed streets of India with the hope of being able to sell just enough of shoddy merchandise to sustain their lives.
I lowered the window and asked, “How much is this for?”
His eyes glittered like gold, embedded in a face that was full of scars and tanned to the darkest shade of brown, owing to the harsh Indian sun .
Ä hundred Rupees.” His reply was quick, concise and respectful.
That is way too much. I will Give you thirty for this”, My reply forced his smile to reduce to a mere curve on his childish face.
But Didi,” He says convincingly, “It takes about fifty rupees to make one.”
So Why did you ask for hundred? “ I asked, as I noticed the signal turn orange.
If I manage to sell one for more than fifty, I get to keep the profits. I use them for my sister’s school fees.”
And then I noticed the little girl, dressed in ragged uniform of some local school. She beamed back a smile .
The signal turned green.
 As the little boy handed me the window shade, I handed  the little girl, a crisp note of hundred.
She religiously touched it to her head and hummed a prayer.

Legislatures, action plans and the very constitution makes grave claims for equality.

But to put into action what has been penned down in the constitution is an arduous task. It demands time, commitment and the will to make a change in the society. It requires awareness and the need to spread this awareness to as many people as possible.
In the current scenario, even those who do understand the importance of education and have within themselves a desire to gain education fail to actually avail their rights. This is because their weakness of being from the lower strata of the society immerses their wills and aspirations  of becoming empowered.

In this situation it depends on the stake holders of society to be the strength that would help them attain social liberation and fight for their rights.

It is only when such like minded compassionate hearts come together as one that every individual of a society shall be educated and empowered.


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